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Investment Portfolios

At Alphamint Financial we believe the changing economic and investing environments warrant a new approach that goes beyond traditional buy and hold investing. A simple portfolio built around bonds and stocks is not sufficient for today’s diversification needs, nor will it provide retirees their desired income, especially in the low interest rate environment that appears to be with us for some time.


Also, COVID accelerated the "globalization" trend that was already in place.  The lines between domestic and foreign companies, and their target markets, has become blurred.  The result?  It is no longer sufficient to evaluate stocks and bonds based only on the country they are located in.

The development of your investment portfolio starts with determining your personal risk tolerance, i.e. volatility, with specific attention to downside volatility.  After all, I have yet to meet a client who didn't enjoy upside volatility!  In addition to determining your risk tolerance, another factor we evaluate is the desired investment return necessary to meet your financial goals.    

Once these factors are determined, your money is invested in stocks and bonds of various types of companies that we feel are best suited for the global environment, while also aligning your investment portfolio with your risk tolerance and goals.  

Obviously, the speed of change continues to accelerate, be it self-driving cars, drone deliveries, artificial intelligence, and mapping the human genome, to name just a few.  Now more than ever, investment portfolios need to be fluid to take advantage of whatever lies in the future.

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